Anatomy Bee 2014

As a way to promote continued education The N.C.C ran the 1st of its kind “Anatomy Bee’. This competition focused on the knowledge of the anatomy of a horse as it applies to Farriers. Competitors are raked according to correct answers with a high point awarded to the highset score .

Anatomy Bee Results

Day 1 Thursday
Panelists : Stuart Greenberg, Mike Savoldi, Bob Smith
1) Raleigh Desiato
2) Katherine McFarlane
3) Phil Tressenrider
4) Matt Parent
5) Kim West
6) Katie Voster

Day 2 Friday
Panelists : Stuart Greenberg, Mike Savoldi
1) Matt Parent
2) Phil Tressenrider
3) John Gorton
4) Raleigh Desiato
5) Kim West

Day 3 Saturday
Panelists : Stuart Greenberg, Bob Smith
1) Raleigh Desiato
2) Katherine McFarlane
3) Adam Estell
4) (three way tie)
Matt Parent
Jamie Wells
Katie Voster

A few thank yous are in order:
WSFA Director Chris Hadel – whose idea this was! WSFA members Sam Durham and Mark Paine – who worked tirelessly to help create and duplicate the Anatomy Bee. We would also like to thank our sponsor’s and their generous donation of the following Awards for the  Anotomy Bee.
Mustad – 2 boxes of Mustad XL rasps
Sierra Farrier Supply – a box of rasps
GE Forge and Tool – a pair of GE nippers
Allie Hayes and Hoof Science –  Gift certificate toward the purchase of a equine anatomy model
Raleigh Desiato- a handmade hoof knife
WSFA – prize money and “ribbon “towels

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